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a spam of ( requested ) icons, wallpapers and profile codes

what's inside:
→ requested icons
→ 30 jaejoong icons
→ 30 yunho icons
→ 3 wallpapers
→ 3 profile codes
small pimp

it's a bit late, but still..Collapse )

✓ Comment when taking & credit when using. ♥
! Don't know how to give a credit? Visit the F.A.Q Post.
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09 September 2009 @ 06:00 pm
Bandwidth exceeded. If you're one of those who hotlinked my file, please fucking stop it.

The hell it's just the beginning of the month.

And just saying, I'm not moving my graphics anywhere. Sigh, this place would keep looking ugly until the end of this month. Sorry for you members and new members.
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13 January 2009 @ 07:23 pm
If you want to be affiliates, just post a comment here using this simple format:

Community Name: sunxshower
Goodies: mostly icons
http://i965.photobucket.com/albums/ae137/yeongwonhi/bday%20spam/HAZEL-005.png http://i965.photobucket.com/albums/ae137/yeongwonhi/bday%20spam/JAE-013.png
And don't forget previews! 3 will do.

Affiliates ..Collapse )
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13 January 2009 @ 05:59 pm
Okay here's the F.A.Q page, I think I've listed everything in here, but if you still have some question, feel free to post and I'll answer you. :]

1. Who are you?
→ Me? You could call me chocorynne or Karin. In some places, people know me as jaeholiC*

2. What are your fandoms?
→ Many? But for now, this community would only hold my kpop / jpop-related stuffs. And I have to remind you, I’m a YunJae shipper, so sometimes the icons would be biased please, don’t bash them in front of me, I might bash you back cough.

3. Can I use your creations?
→ Sure, as long as you credit me and the graphic is shareable. Posting graphics doesn't mean giving permission for people to use all my works. There are some stuffs that I made for myself only.

4. How to credit you then?
→ If you’re going to use it in LJ ..
Simply link back to me or this community. You can put the link in the icon comment (if you’re using my icons) or in your profile (if you’re using other things such as banners and sorts).

→ If you’re going to use it in forums ..
Just make sure you put credit to: chocorynne@LJ or sunxshower@LJ

→ If you’re going to use it in yunho-sshi / yunjaeeverlasting / oneTVXQ! ..
Instead of typing chocorynne or sunxshower, just write credit to: jaeholiC*

→ Other than that ( winglin or sorts ) ..
Put on jaeholiC* at imaginarynne.co.nr

5. So, can I modify your stuffs?
→ No, unless I give you my permission or I state it in the post.

6. Do you take request?

→ Sure, I love to make people’s request, but please, just some at a time, kay? I have a life too.

7. What kind of requests?
→ I’ll take sets, posters, and or banners, etc. as long as it’s graphical.

8. How about locking post?
→ All entries will be locked after the next batch is posted.

9. What do you think about comments?

→ Are love! I love receiving and reading comments, for me, it shows that people appreciate me, so don’t forget to comment, okay? Coz I’ll definitely reply all of them!

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